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Mr. Ganesh Doiphode


26 yrs / F


Initial visit for routine Prophylaxis:

1. Examination revealed wear of the mandibular and maxillary incisal edges.
2. A careful history did not reveal any significant finding
3. There was no complaint of pain or any presence of parafunctional habits.

Diagnostic mounting :

A facebow record of the patient was taken and a mounting on the Hanau done in centric relation. On transfer, interferences on the molars and also cuspal inclines of the premolars were found. These deflected the mandible forward and therefore the wear. There was a discrepancy between the centric relation and the centric occlusion.

Definitive treatment for the patient involved :

Restoration of all 12 anterior teeth - maxillary and mandibular with ceramic veneers and a restoration of the canine guidance.
However, considering the age of the patient and the finances involved, a compromised treatment modality to reduce wear at least, was decided upon.

Treatment :

An obvious choice was composite veneers that would serve as an intermediate restoration of Occlusion function.

The lower incisors and the canines were worked upon first. No tooth preparation was done.

The teeth were first polished with pumice and then abraded at a slow speed to improve bonding to the enamel surface.

Each tooth was built, taking into consideration the lip line, phonetics, esthetics and occlusion.

This was left as such for a few days to evaluate any changes, wear or complaints by the patient.

Post Care:

Once the occlusion had stabilized, the restorations were finished and polished. The patient was given nightguards for use at night.

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